31:43 en 10K empujando un carrito de bebé

Callum Neff, el hombre de los récords con carrito de bebé, bate el Récord Guinness en el Houston Rodeo Run 10K.

31:43 en 10K empujando un carrito de bebé
31:43 en 10K empujando un carrito de bebé

Callum Neff, el hombre de los récords empujando un carrito de bebé, lo ha vuelto a hacer. Esta vez ha conseguido correr el Houston Rodeo Run 10K en unos espectaculares 31:43, a 3:10 min/km, empujando el carrito de su hija Maya.

El corredor estadounidense, que tendría que haber estado en Tokio participando en el maratón pero que, debido al coronavirus, se vio obligado a quedarse en su Texas natal, tomó como alternativa esta prueba y agregó, como en otras ocasiones, el componente adicional del carrito de bebé. "Después de dos buenos y rápidos entrenamientos esta semana sentía que estaba preparado", explicaba Neff en su cuenta de Instagram.

Neff es todo un experto en correr rápido empujando un carrito de bebé y, de hecho, tiene también los récord Guinness de Maratón (2:31) y de medio maratón (1:11). ¿Cuál será su próximo reto?

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? Guinness World Record ? - Fastest 10k Pushing a Pram - 31 minutes 43 seconds (previous record 32:26) Wow, what an incredible day to complete the triple crown of #GirlDad runner breaking the 10k record this morning at the Houston Rodeo 10k with Maya. The record was daunting to me. Growing up, even during my university recruiting trip, if you asked me where I wanted to be in a few years it was the 10,000m at the Olympics. Turns out that event for me has took much longer to develop into my potential. My PR set only two years ago is 31:36. Even my wife asked, realistically, not only how I was going to run it but how I thought I could run that fast with a stroller. “I’m just gonnna send it" was my response, but inside knew she was right, I was going to need a perfect day. I had a great buildup towards planning to run the Tokyo Marathon (today) and when I found out that wasn’t going to happen I added a bit more speed and stroller to build some confidence. I was still feeling Tuesday’s track session in my calves after running 9 x 400m in the mid 60’s average, fast. A 1’ on 1’ off stroller Fartlek workout also went great and gave me hope. The Rodeo Run is not the easiest course; lots of turns including three u-turns, and some Houston rollers on the typically windy Buffalo Bayou. But it has the most incredible crowd support, starting before the parade, and a fast field. The stage was set for us and we woke to a perfect morning. So how did I do it? Other than the training, the gear (Altra Boston Escalante Racer shoes, Thule Glide stroller, Run Gum etc.), this was all mental. I’ve been dialing in my performance psychology, lots of Finding Mastery podcast, reading, and making it apart of my training. Step one is awareness, followed by focus solely on the current moment. I broke this race into 3 x 10 minutes pieces and then down to only what I could see directly in front of me. I ran every step with purpose, setting up the next for success. Continued next post... @altrarunning #ZeroLimits @Thule #BringYourKids @polarglobal @guinnessworldrecords #GuinnessWorldRecord #WorldRecord @rodeohouston #RodeoHouston2020 #StrollerRunning

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